Volume 9/Issue 7

  • New Monmouth Poll on Voters' Approval of Gov. Murphy
  • Bill to Increase Tesla Sales Location Introduced
  • Joint Senate Hearing Focuses on Increasing Teacher Diversity 

New Monmouth Poll on Voters’ Approval of Gov. Murphy

Monmouth University released its most recent poll results on Tuesday, showing Governor Murphy’s approval rating staying constant although voters’ disapproval is growing, Among state residents, 43% approve of the job Governor Murphy is doing, while 40% disapprove, up from 28% disapproval last April. Additionally, 39% of respondents don’t believe the Governor’s agenda is hurting the state’s middle class, 27% said it was having no impact, 18% believe his policies are helping the middle class, and 15% said they didn’t know. The Governor did receive higher approval on minimum wage, with 66% of residents approving of the increase to $15 an hour over five years and 29% disapproving.

“We don’t run our government based on polling, so whatever it says – good or bad, whether it’s really good or challenging or somewhere in between – we try to call balls and strikes to do what we were sent here to do…to build a stronger fairer New Jersey that works for everybody, and that’s the job we’re going to continue to do regardless of what polling says,” Governor Murphy said at a press conference Tuesday. “We believe that minimum wage contributes to a stronger and fairer New Jersey. That’s a two-for-one shot, and I’m honored that we’re able to get that done.”

Bill to Increase Tesla Sales Locations Introduced

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) introduced legislation to allow Tesla to open 10 additional stores over the next five years. New Jersey is limited by current law to only four stores. “We are very limited in the number of retail outlets that people can go to and I think that by giving them an expansion opportunity, we are helping grow a business right here in New Jersey,” said Senator Weinberg.”

Tesla is the market leader in electric vehicles sales in New Jersey with over 9,700 in-service vehicles across the state, making up around 90% of the state’s zero emission vehicles. The current restriction to just four centers in the state results in one store per 2.3 million state residents, compared to one traditional auto dealership per 17,538 residents. The bill also clarifies that Tesla would be subject to the same consumer laws and regulations as traditional car dealers. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) introduced identical legislation in Assembly. RCSG proudly presents Tesla in its efforts to respond to strong consumer demand in New Jersey and to increase electric vehicle usage across the Garden State.

Joint Senate Hearing Focuses on Increasing Teacher Diversity

At a recent joint hearing of the Senate Education and Higher Education Committees, lawmakers examined the issue of teacher diversity in New Jersey public K-12 schools. Education experts discussed the roadblocks they experience in creating a diverse teacher workforce in a State where approximately 56 percent of public school students are non-white, while only 16 percent of public school teachers are black, Hispanic, or Asian. Testifying at the hearing, Tia Morris, executive director for Teach For America New Jersey, called for more flexibility in the State's teacher certification process. Morris detailed how requiring teacher candidates to pass a certification test is an immense barrier to being able to hire teachers of color. Principal of North Star Academy Alexander Street Elementary School in Newark, Najee Carter, echoed her sentiments, saying, "High standards are good, but the problem happens when the standards don’t actually match what the teacher needs to know in order to be able to teach." He added, "The certification system is broken and it’s hurting kids of color."

Chairwomen Teresa Ruiz and Sandra Bolden Cunningham told attendees they will work over the coming months to draft legislation aimed at addressing the issues raised during the hearing. RCSG proudly represents Teach for America New Jersey in their efforts to diversify New Jersey's teacher workforce.