Volume 7/Issue 16

  • Gubernatorial Tidbits-Murphy Holds Substantial Lead in Latest Poll
  • Morristown Municipal Airport and Maria Sheridan Highlighted by NJBIZ

Gubernatorial Tidbits—Murphy Holds Substantial Lead in Latest Poll

  • Former Ambassador Phil Murphy holds a 27-point lead over Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno according to the latest Monmouth University Poll.  53% of registered voters say they would support Murphy, while 26% would choose Guadagno according to the survey. 
  • In a potential reflection of state and federal support for their party’s candidates, Ambassador Murphy has stronger backing from Democratic supporters (at 87%) than the Lt. Governor is experiencing from GOP voters ( at 69%).   Independent voters break for the Democrat by 41%-28% margin.
  • Ambassador Murphy used the recent massive mass transit breakdowns surrounding Penn Station in New York to spotlight the Christie Administration’s failures to adequately maintain the state’s transportation infrastructure system.  He questioned the Lt. Governor’s leadership on the issue, especially on the cancellation of the ARC Tunnel project in 2010.  That project would have provided a new commuter rail tunnel between New York and NJ had it been constructed.

Morristown Municipal Airport and Maria Sheridan Highlighted by NJBIZ

NJBIZ recently interviewed Maria Sheridan, the Director of Government Affairs and Business Development for Morristown Municipal Airport, on the economic benefits that the facility provides to the region, the integral services it provides to the corporate community in Northern NJ and on her own career working in the aviation industry.  Maria was named to the NJBIZ Top 50 Women in Business for 2017 earlier this year.

River Crossing Strategy Group proudly represents Morristown Airport/DM Airports Ltd and we commend Maria and her colleagues for their well-deserved recognition as leader in New Jersey’s aviation community.