Volume 7/Issue 15

  • Gubernatorial Tidbits
  • Governor Christie Registers a 15% Approval Rating in Another Poll
  • Governor Christie Tries Out for Sports Radio WFAN Afternoon Drive Time Slot

Gubernatorial Tidbits

  • Both Former Ambassador Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno announced that they had raised over $400,000 to qualify for State matching funds for the fall general election campaign.  Both candidates are participating in the State’s two-to-one matching funds program which limit’s the campaigns spending to $13.8 million overall and provides a maximum of $9.3 million in State matching funds
  • Ambassador Murphy’s campaign reported that it had raised $790,000 since the beginning of the general election cycle in June, providing his election effort with approximately $1.3 million in State matching funds.  The Lt. Governor’s campaign didn’t report a specific amount.
  • Ambassador Murphy received the endorsement of Garden State Equality last week.  Garden State Equality is New Jersey’s largest statewide advocacy and education organization for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.
  • He called on the Lt. Governor to oppose the Trump Administration’s request to hand over voter data information to their “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.”  The data includes sensitive information, such as the names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, and social security numbers of voters. The Lt. Governor also serves as the Secretary of State, with jurisdiction over election matters, though she has recused herself from that role since January.
  • The Lt. Governor highlighted her plans this to fix NJ TRANSIT and the state’s transportation system.  Her proposal includes focusing on a new funding formula for transportation projects, auditing the Transportation Trust Fund and NJ TRANSIT and coming up with a new bi-state tax structure with New York to help fund regional transportation projects.

Governor Christie Registers a 15% Approval Rating in Another Poll  

The new Monmouth University Poll released earlier in the week found Governor Christie’s approval rating at 15 percent, the second such survey to find the Governor at that mark, which is the lowest in the country for any state’s chief executive.

The Monmouth University Poll also measured the poll respondents’ remarks on the Governor’s decision to bring his family to the beach at Island Beach State Park at the same time he had closed it to the public during the recent State government shutdown. The responses were interesting to say the least.

Governor Christie Tries Out for Sports Radio WFAN Afternoon Drive Slot

Heading towards the end of his Administration, Governor Christie auditioned for the afternoon drivetime slot being vacated by longtime WFAN radio personality Mike Francesca at the end of the year.

The Governor, who partnered with WFAN personality Evan Roberts, mixed it up with callers on everything ranging from politics to the New York Mets (his favorite baseball team) to the Dallas Cowboys (his favorite football team) to why Rutgers' athletics has issues retaining home state talent.  He received national media coverage for his exchange with a regular WFAN caller named from Mike from Montclair, who challenged the Governor on the aforementioned “beachgate” issue, after calling Mike a “communist” for espousing his views. 

The Star Ledger provided this review of the Governor’s audition.