Volume 6/Issue 24

  • RCSG’s Danielle Alpert Named To 2016 Women’s Power List
  • Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Murphy Lays Out Education Policy Positions
  • Governor Christie Announces $300M State House Renovation
  • Poll Shows Strong Support for Clean/Renewable Energy

RCSG’s Danielle Alpert Named To 2016 Women’s Power List

River Crossing Strategy Group’s Danielle Alpert was named to Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg’s 2016 Women’s Power List.

The list, a co-production of Senator Weinberg and PolitickerNJ, honors women from all backgrounds including those who work in government at all levels, at trade associations, for government affairs firms, at labor unions or law firms, in journalism, who serve as political operatives, for non-profits or in the business community and more.

We congratulate Danielle for this special recognition.

Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Murphy Lays Out Education Policy Positions

Phil Murphy, the front runner for the Democratic nomination for Governor, described his policy positions on major education issues in a recent interview with NJ Spotlight.

Touting his endorsement from the NJEA, Mr. Murphy stated that he would not have advocated for the passage of Governor Christie’s signature pension reform law, which was heavily opposed by the state’s public sector unions.  He also tied the need to attract the “next generation” of teachers by investing in their future too, specifically supporting legislation to require the State to make quarterly payments into the pension systems.

Mr. Murphy also stated that he would “scrap PARCC Day One,” especially as a requirement to graduate high school.  He pointed out that Governor Christie underfunded the school funding formula by approximately the same $8 billion amount that the Administration gave out in tax incentives to businesses, and that the Governor put “corporations and their tax rates ahead of kids.”

Asked about what type of education commissioner he would seek, Mr. Murphy stated that he prefers candidates that have been educators or those with “classroom experience.”

Governor Christie Announces $300M State House Renovation

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie announced the first comprehensive restoration of the New Jersey Executive State House in 60 years.  The State House is the second oldest in continuous operation in the United States.

The projected cost of this complete renovation is $300 million. Working in cooperation with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, the funds will be used to pay for the exterior and interior renovation and restoration, complete new building infrastructure, curing code and ADA violations, and temporary relocation costs.  It will also provide for enhanced security measures.  The Governor stated that the project will take four years to complete.

The renovation is historic in that the construction schedule will prevent the next Governor and his or her staff, who will take office in January 2018, from occupying the executive wing of the State House until the very end of that person's term at the earliest.  The renovation will not affect the Senate or Assembly Chambers nor the committee rooms or legislative staff workspace.

Poll Shows Strong Support for Clean/Renewable Energy

The FDU PublicMind Poll recently released in 2016 ReThink Energy NJ annual survey.

The poll found that was overwhelming support for clean or renewable energy initiatives. 

Among its findings;

  • Over 87 percent of respondents believed that investing in renewable energy was very important or somewhat important to the health of the state
  • 44 percent of those surveyed felt that solar is the most important energy source to the future of New Jersey. 
  • 75 percent believe the next governor should increase the percentage of renewable energy sources to 30 percent by 2020 and 50 percent by 2030.