Volume 6/Issue 11

  • Bipartisan Bill on Ridesharing Set for Introduction This Week
  • Michael Drewniak Named Interim Chief of Staff at NJ TRANSIT
  • Assemblyman Diegnan Moves to Senate
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Bipartisan Bill on Ridesharing Set for Introduction This Week

Legislation to provide a statewide regulatory structure for ridesharing or transportation network companies (TNCs) like Lyft and Uber will be introduced by Democratic Senate Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo and GOP Senator Joe Kyrillos this week.

The bill, known as "Transportation Network Company Safety and Regulatory Act," establishes statewide regulations that would supersede various local ordinances passed by municipalities.

"The rapid growth in the use of ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft has created confusion and concern for local government and the state on regulatory standards," said Senator Sarlo. "A state standard will bring consistency and uniformity to promote safety and provide consumer protections for companies that partner drivers and passengers.”

The bill will require background checks of the drivers by the State Police and a requirement that the TNC driver has $1.5 million in liability coverage. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and the Division of Consumer Affairs will inspect company records to ensure compliance with the law.

Senator Kyrillos noted that approximately 20,000 drivers in New Jersey have already been active in working for Uber and Lyft alone, and the number of participants continues to grow.

River Crossing Strategy Group is proud to be working with Lyft to help build a coalition in support of a statewide regulatory framework for ridesharing companies in New Jersey.

Michael Drewniak Named Interim Chief of Staff at NJ TRANSIT

NJ.com has reported that NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Dennis Martin has named former Governor Christie Press Secretary Michael Drewniak as the interim Chief of Staff of the transit agency.

"Due to recent vacancies, certain responsibilities need to be shared on an interim basis," Nancy Snyder, an NJ Transit spokeswoman, said. "Michael has agreed to step in, assuming certain duties of the Chief of Staff in the interim, while retaining his regular duties as Chief of Policy and Strategic Planning."

NJ TRANSIT was set to begin with a new executive director in April, but the governor’s appointment, William Crosbie, a former Amtrak official, ultimately decided not to take the position. The agency has resumed its search for a permanent executive director.

Assemblyman Diegnan Moves to Senate

Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan was sworn in as the new Senator from the 18th Legislative District on Monday. He replaces former Senator Peter Barnes, who confirmed for a Superior Court judgeship by the Senate at the end of April.

Senator Diegnan served in the Assembly for 15 years and was the Chairman of the Assembly Education Committee since 2010. He will serve on the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee, the Senate State Government Committee and the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

A convention to select a replacement for Senator Diegnan’s vacant Assembly seat is scheduled for this evening.

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