Volume 5/Issue 22

  • Senate Democrats Announce "New Jersey: Investing in You"

Senate Democrats Announce "New Jersey: Investing in You"

Senate President Steve Sweeney and the Senate Democratic Caucus announced “New Jersey: Investing in You” yesterday, an economic investment plan with the goal of developing specific initiatives in six targeted areas designed to generate growth and expand opportunities.

The Senate President has tasked a team of Senate leaders to focus on developing specific legislative plans in six targeted areas. The legislators will hold roundtables with stakeholders, policyholders and residents, with an eye on reviewing best practices from other cities and states and benchmarking New Jersey’s investment, competitiveness and affordability against the other states that New Jersey competes against for people, jobs and economic growth.

Designated senators and policy areas are as follows:

  • Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg will oversee the transportation roundtable including a focus on a Transportation Trust Fund renewal;
  • Senator Teresa Ruiz will lead the early childhood education roundtable with an eye on identifying government and private sector funding options to expand such programs;
  • Senator Sandra Cunningham will oversee the college affordability roundtable, focusing on reducing costs;
  • Senator Jim Whelan will chair the public-private partnership roundtable, tasked with identifying programs to leverage private capital on large-scale undertakings such as those used in higher education construction projects;
  • Senator Nellie Pou will lead the roundtable on “Promise Neighborhoods,” where communities work together to rebuild neighborhoods block by block, tracking the outcomes of students who live there, and creating needed services;
  • Senate Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo will oversee the roundtable on retirement security. 

The senators stated that investments can produce savings and generate financial benefits. They noted that every dollar invested in early childhood education produces at least seven dollars in increased earnings, reduced education costs and savings in crime reduction and pointed out that each dollar invested in transportation produces $3.50 in direct and indirect growth in GDP.

If you are interested in participating in any of the roundtables, please email Doug Hritz at doug@rivercrossingsg.com.