"We work with national clients who have extremely difficult legislative and political fights in states across the country. We tap firms in dozens of states to help with these engagements, and I can say without question no one surpasses River Crossing Strategy Group. During a recent engagement, they developed and implemented a creative approach, adapted the plan as the playing field constantly changed and found a way to deliver when few thought it was possible. If you want to win, you want to hire River Crossing Strategy Group.”

- Marc La Vorgna, founder MLV Strategies

"River Crossing Strategy Group one of the best governmental affairs firm in New Jersey. Every member of the team is a class act: smart, thoughtful, experienced and hard-working. A great combination of skills. They have helped us navigate permit challenges at multiple agencies, State economic incentive programs, political and communication issues and passed very difficult legislation. A readily accessible and critical part of our development team."

- Todd Schefler, Executive Vice President, Catellus Development

"Danielle's strategic advice and proactive recommendations have become essential to us at JerseyCAN. Her dedication to the issues and focus on our needs is tremendous, she is guiding us at every turn, especially the most challenging ones!"

- Janellen Duffy, Executive Director, JerseyCAN

"Our group has for years worked with lobbyists in many states.  The communication, follow through and overall client service Doug consistently provides us is extraordinary. Doug not only offers updates when and as our issues are in motion, his extensive legislative relationships, coupled with his clear grasp of both policy and politics, allow him to advance contingent strategies which enable us to make the most of a variety of alternate outcomes."

- Jerry Stanton, President, Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers