Regulatory and Permitting


Securing state and local government approvals are a necessary part of doing business for organizations ranging from developers to energy producers to health care providers.  Approvals cover many areas from environmental and transportation permits to economic development incentives and labor agreements.

We believe in being upfront and we will never promise that any government approval can be done instantaneously.  But with the right strategy and coordination, the permitting process can be efficiently managed to meaningfully reduce the time required and navigate the inevitable substantive and procedural bumps that develop during the process.   Successfully managing any approval process requires an understanding of the approval that is being sought, an understanding of the agency’s culture and working protocols and senior level relationships.

We have, and currently handle, a variety of regulatory challenges for our clients. In each of these instances, we spend a great deal of time understanding the permit requirements and how the permit application fits these requirements.  We work closely with a client’s professionals such as engineers or lawyers and we cooperatively engage the Agency as appropriate to answer questions, update status and ultimately keep the permit moving successfully through the bureaucracy.