Public Affairs/Grass Roots Advocacy

iStock_000002134754_Large.jpg The path to success often involves understanding and identifying other stakeholders that share similar objectives and sympathies and how they might be engaged to participate in a joint effort. 

Coalition building, the engagement and coordination of outside stakeholders, including the public, in a coordinated effort to generate support for a governmental affairs objective is how we define public affairs.

Different stakeholders have different motivations, strengths, and capabilities.  We understand, and know well, the spectrum of stakeholders in New Jersey from local elected officials to the business community, from organized labor to non-profit advocacy organizations and trade groups.  From our time in the public and private sectors, we have extensive relationships with a variety of organizations and the experience working with them to create partnerships that work.

Whether it is a developer working with building trades and local citizens or a business vendor working with trade groups and safety organizations or a hospital mobilizing its local officials, the ability to engage others who share your goals in a meaningful manner can make the difference in achieving your objective.