Op-Ed: BPU Should Not Let New Jersey Solar Projects Fail

By David Gahl of SEIA

NJ Spotlight- Too-low values for incentives in a transition program before the state regulatory agency could damage the solar power industry 

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Picking up the Pace on Electric Vehicles — and Charging Stations — in NJ

NJ Spotlight- A new consensus bill to accelerate adoption of plug-in electric vehicles could end gridlock over how to electrify the transportation sector in the state, a step most view as critical to New Jersey achieving its goals to combat global warming.

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Op-Ed: State’s Latest Proposal on Student Testing Is Regressive

NJ Spotlight- If we can all agree that the goal of student assessments should be to maximize the value and timeliness of the data received and minimize the amount of stress we put on students, then the latest proposal from Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet and the state Department of Education fails on both counts.

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