Mandatory In-Car Devices for All Convicted Drunk Drivers in NJ Will Test for Alcohol

NJ Spotlight- A “breathalyzer” that’s designed to keep all convicted drunk drivers on the road — as long as they stay sober — is about to become part of New Jersey’s arsenal against intoxicated driving.

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State’s Latest Solar Incentive Plan to Allay Developers’ Misgivings?

NJ Spotlight- For much of the past year, state officials have been struggling to come up with a system to finance new solar projects in New Jersey, but not at too steep a cost to electric customers who foot the bill.

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The List: What To Expect During Lame-Duck Legislative Session

NJ Spotlight- With the votes not fully counted on Tuesday night, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin was asked what to expect during the coming lame-duck session of the Legislature.

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