Local/State Lobbying


At River Crossing, we define lobbying as more than just the ability to obtain a meeting or attend and take notes on a legislative hearing.  Lobbying is the skillset to combine an understanding of the political terrain, the relationships with key decision makers and the tactical acumen to understand what to do and how to do it to pass a law or an ordinance. 

River Crossing Strategy Group is a boutique, full service, bi-partisan lobbying firm.  We don’t define lobbying as a set of services but rather an approach to solving a legislative problem.  We believe in understanding the policy implications of your issue as well as you do.  We believe in regular communication.  We believe in being realistic about what can and cannot be achieved. We pride ourselves on always being accessible and on our ability to think through how to successfully approach an issue, no matter how complex the policy, the politics or both.

In our previous lives in the public sector, we played major roles in passing some of New Jersey’s most transformative pieces of tax, environmental and transportation legislation, as well as numerous State budgets.

In the private sector, we’ve helped clients enact numerous pieces of legislation ranging from the State’s historic tenure reform (bi-partisan and unanimous!) in 2012, the first special liquor license legislation in over a decade and economic development incentives.

We have extensive high level bi-partisan legislative relationships at the Member and staff level. Through our office in Trenton we have a constant presence on legislative days and a full legislative tracking and committee monitoring service for our clients.