In Memoriam, our friend: Jamie Fox

jamiefox2.pngFor the past twenty-five years, Jamie Fox has been my best friend and my partner.  He was as good a political operative as you could find.  There was no one better at getting 41 or 21 votes.  He played the game hard and he was very good at it.

But his political skills weren’t what made him special.   It was how he treated people that made him special.  He was fiercely loyal.   His word was his currency and when he gave it, it meant something.  And he gave people the respected and the dignity they deserved, whether you voted the way he wanted or not.  Whether you were a Governor or a secretary, he made sure you knew he cared.

His last two years were very difficult.  His health continued to get worse and the legal issues weighed on him heavily.  It was a difficult time but he always vowed to fight to the end to vindicate his name. 

For everyone who has thought of him and supported him, please know how it much to him and to me.   It sustained him.  More than his many achievements and titles, the impact he had on people is his lasting legacy.

He was a special, wonderful person whose likes we will not find again.  He will be missed greatly, but he will never really be gone.

Jamie requested and will have a private family service.  I know how many people want to pay their respects but I would ask that we honor his and his family’s wishes regarding the service.

Please join us for a pubic service celebrating the life of Jamie Fox on Monday, March 6, 2017 at 3:00 PM at the Grounds for Sculpture located at 80 Sculptors Way in Hamilton, NJ. Reception to follow.

Thank you

Eric Shuffler,
On behalf of Doug, Danielle, Tim and the River Crossing Strategy Group Family