Fulop urges Christie to quit over ties to Trump

NJ.com- Steve Fulop, Jersey City's Democratic mayor and a 2017 gubernatorial hopeful, has launched a new website that urges Gov. Chris Christie to step down because of his campaign appearances with presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The site is the second one connected to a likely 2017 gubernatorial candidate that seeks Christie's resignation over his stumping for Trump. A PAC supporting Phil Murphy, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany, went public earlier this month with a site calling for Christie to step down.

Fulop told The Jersey Journal that he decided to launch the website — stepdownchris.com — after Christie skipped yesterday's funeral for a New Jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty so he could campaign with Trump.

That decision "speaks volumes about his priorities and the fact that New Jersey is clearly no longer a priority to him," Fulop said. "It is disrespectful to all New Jerseyans. We have lots of challenges in this state and we need a governor who demonstrates that he cares about our needs."

Asked to respond, Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts called Fulop's calls for Christie's resignation "sort of hypocritical coming from a guy who has done nothing but angle for a run for governor since the day he was elected mayor."

Fulop's website criticizes Christie for skipping "multiple" state trooper funerals to stump with Trump, but yesterday's service for Sean Cullen was the first state trooper's funeral the governor missed to campaign for Trump. He skipped one in December to stump for his own presidential bid.

Fulop, first elected mayor in 2013, has been coy about his expected bid for the Democratic nomination for governor next year, but in recent months has become more aggressive about comparing his policies to Christie's.

A disclaimer on stepdownchris.com indicates it is paid for by Fulop's re-election campaign.

"This is irresponsible governing, a waste of taxpayer dollars, and an embarrassment to the state of New Jersey," reads a note to Christie posted on the site. "If you're not going to do your job, it's time for you to step down."

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