Crisis Management and Communication

iStock_000066825593_Full.jpgWe define a crisis situation as any imminent threat to one’s objectives.  A crisis can be a change in the political status quo, a sudden press inquiry or the appearance of a negative press story that threatens a reputation and/or your political and business objectives.

In our over twenty years of public and private sector experience, we have handled every type of governmental and media crisis.  From government investigations to investigative reporters and everything in between.  

Handling a crisis of any sort that involves interacting with government requires understanding the political, policy and communications ramifications of the crisis.  Sometimes an aggressive strategy is required while other times, a quieter behind the scenes approach is best.  Every crisis is different but they all require a combined political and communications strategy.

In the event of a crisis, our team provides political guidance and outreach, communications strategy and briefing documents and talking points as necessary. We will help you proactively prepare for potential crisis situations as well as develop strategies to contain and minimize any fallout once a crisis occurred.

Whether your business is experiencing a pure crisis communications problem or needs broader crisis management, we have the experience and capability to work with your team to manage the situation.