Client Services

“The General who wins the battle makes many calculations before the battle is fought.” - Sun Tzu

Local/State Lobbying

At River Crossing, we define lobbying as more than just the ability to obtain a meeting or attend and take notes at a legislative hearing.  Lobbying is the skillset to combine an understanding of the political terrain, the relationships with key decision makers and the tactical acumen to understand what to do and how to do it to pass a law or an ordinance.

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Regulatory and Permitting

Securing state and local government approvals are a necessary part of doing business for organizations ranging from developers to energy producers to health care providers.  Approvals cover many areas from environmental and transportation permits to economic development incentives and labor agreements.

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Public Affairs/Grass Roots Advocacy

The path to success often involves understanding and identifying other stakeholders who share similar objectives and sympathies and how they might be engaged to participate in a joint effort. 

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Crisis Management and Communication

We define a crisis situation as any imminent threat to one’s objectives.  A crisis can be a change in the political status quo, a sudden press inquiry or the appearance of a negative press story that threatens a reputation and/or your political and business objectives.

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