'Zombie' driver law inches closer to life in N.J.

NJ.com- Lawmakers scored a small victory against zombie drivers after a bill advanced Monday that requires the state Motor Vehicle Commission to check databases to make sure licenses and registrations aren't issued to dead people.

The bill was proposed last year after a March 2015 audit revealed that the MVC issued 300 documents to individuals who used the Social Security numbers of people that the federal Social Security Administration listed as being officially deceased.

The audit of 8.2 million MVC documents said that most of those documents had been issued prior to when the person's death was reported to Social Security, but 56 documents had been issued after Social Security had been notified the person was deceased.

The assembly transportation committee released the bill on Monday for a vote of the full assembly. That bill requires the MVC to cross-check Social Security death records on a monthly basis and to update state records. The audit had recommended that the MVC cross-check other databases.

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